8:43 PM World Ocean Day is over, but my heart still feels so much love. I did not participate at any event that happened, since I am too far away, but I enjoyed this experience in the digital way (which I am so proud of). Seeing the world connect, sweat, and spreading so much love for the oceans, Mother Nature, our modern technologies, and future generations; it makes me happy. Keep on fighting, yo.

It's never too late to start acting. With this global running week adidas and Parley invited us to understand and most importantly move. Take action for our environment, our lives. We can't live without the oceans. 
In NYC, ocean friends and dear runners ran for the oceans to speak up and spread one important message while the Empire State Building was glowing in the most beautiful color of blue. Sounds pretty nice, right?  For people who don't live in the Big Apple, the both companies started a worldwide running event where we could track each mile that we ran, of course for our dear oceans. While we tracked our routes and kilometers on the running app "Runtastic", Runtastic also shared this awesome story run #backtotheoceans (download it here) - a beautiful introduction to our oceans and the issue we are facing, beautifully narrated by Masta Ace.
Gooood, I love this story run!!The music, the vibes, the knowledge you get, Masta Ace - this is just perfect! Thank you Runtastic for creating this!

Make sure to watch this video and see how successful the event was! I hope you ran some k's for the oceans as well! Doesn't it feel good? In total 59 138 people participated and together we ran 572,712 km - isn't that a great beginning?

Let's not lose our focus - keep on fighting!

Thank you to everyone who makes this so special. ~

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