Sonntag, April 16

13:39 PM Happy Easter to all of you lovebirds out there. A huge shout out goes also to the people in Boston right now ~ I bet your weekend is beyond mind blowing! Enjoy the vibes, y’all! For those who are not cheering or running in Boston, I got the perfect excuse to eat more chocolate today. I’m honest – I’m not super religious and this holiday is a chocolate party to me (no disrespect, dear Jesus). So while I’m writing this post, I’m enjoying a little chocolate and I’m so happy to share a little holiday workout with you. I already had my first workout today (right now I try to do two sets a day) and later tonight, I will go beyond one more time. Maybe with this here.

I know, I know. Easter can be a pain in the ass sometimes (concerning food). Many great dinners are ahead of us, friends invite you for brunch and the Easter bunny gives you tons of chocolate – how shall we handle this? Don’t worry, I got you. My current workout routine puts me in the brightest mood and with some new Kendrick Lamar in the back, this won’t feel like hard work.

Sweat sessions can be plenty of fun, lovebirds, you just have to start somewhere.

If your motivation is the chocolate – then go for it. You deserve it ~ This Easter workout is so easy, you only have to be able to count to 3 and you don’t need any equipment. Awesome, right? We got three sets which will be repeated three times – set #3 is already your cool-down set, so make sure to go hard with set #1 and #2. Start each of the routines with a 60 second run in place and then get down to plank, squat, and work the core. This workout is really a lot of fun and the best thing is that your whole body will benefit from it.

…now where’s the chocolate?

Happy Easter ~

S E T # 1
PLANK SEWS: Get down in a plank position and shore up on your elbows/underarms. Once you are set, push yourself to the front and move back to the starting position. Take the power from your elbows/underarms and tense your core.
SIDE LUNGES: Stand tall and step one foot to the right, stretching your left side. Come back to the starting position and step your left foot out to stretch the other side.
TEMPO SQUATS: Find a chair or bench in your house and stand right in front of it. Now lower your body down and with each squat your booty will touch your chair of bench – this is the perfect height to wake up your glutes. Reach out your arms to the front and put both hands on each other so that your arms create a triangle. This helps you to keep the right balance during a little speed session. Make sure to keep your back straight and stand strong.

S E T # 2
KNEE HUGS: Stand tall and raise one leg high towards your chest. Wrap your arm around the knee and keep it close to yourself for 2 seconds. Put your leg down again and switch to the other side and repeat.
HIP CRADLES: I love this one here. Stand tall and start with your left leg: image you run cradles. Balance the left leg out to the left side (going over an imaginary cradle) and move it back again over another cradle. Now change the leg and do it at the right side. Balance the right leg out to the right side (going over and imaginary cradle) and move it back again over another cradle.
LYING LEG RAISE: Lay down on a mat. Stretch your whole body and put your arms to the side with the palms down. Now put your feet together and tense the core moving the legs up in a sweet 90° angle. Lower your legs again, almost touching the ground, and move them back up again. Feel your lower abs burn!

S E T # 3
YTW: Stand tall with your back straight. We start with the Y: Put your two hands together – palm on palm, as if you were praying and put them in front of your chest. Now form the letter “Y” opening both arms reaching the sky (stretch your arms to the fullest). Come back to your praying position and form the next letter. For the “T” you open your arms to both sides, forming a T while you press your shoulders together. Come back to your praying position and form the next letter. The last letter is a “W”. From your praying position, form a fist with both of your hands and put them up (just as high as your chin), parallel to each other. When your arms are bent, open them and move the left bent arm to the furthest left side and the right bent arm to the furthest right side, forming a W. Feel a stretch in your chest and back.
BIRD DOGS: Get down on your knees and put your hands parallel to the floor – keep your back straight. Now reach out to the front with the left arm and stretch out the right leg in the air creating the perfect invisible line. Pull your left arm now towards your navel and your right leg follows that move with the knee coming as close to the navel as possible. Back to your starting position. Now we change the sides.
FIGURE FOUR STRETCH: Lay down on your back. Bent your knees and pull your left leg over your right knee and put it on your thigh to rest. It looks like you are doing a half tailor seat in the air. Let the leg rest for a couple seconds, then switch to your other side and do it with your right leg.

What a smooth sweat session. Don’t you think? Those exercises keep your heartbeats up for a little bit and the good thing is that you train your core, your butt, your legs, and even your arms. What else do you need? Ahhh, yes the chocolate! Enjoy it ~

*All exercises can be found on the NTC app (this is what I'm currently enjoying lot!)
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