Sonntag, Dezember 3

1:45 PM Time to start sharing my Christmas gifting ideas! While others already shared tons of guides, I basically just wanted to do three simple guides for you! 
I mostly thought about the people around me and what kind of interests I could focus today I will start with a very easy one: the Christmas gift guide for anyone who loves being active! 

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is being active in some ways and more and more people start getting back at connecting with the self, rather than the next wi-fi. I love that! There's nothing wrong than caring about well-being and wellness! A little sweat hurts nobody! 

Do you know any gym-hitters? Runners? Or passionately hikers? Whatever it is - gift them a very special active gift - they will appreciate anything (I know what I'm talking about). As a runner myself, I love gifts such as gloves, or warm tights for winter training season - why not? 

Above you see some of my ideas ~ mix them with your own or gift your friend a coupon which says that you will workout and join this person at a special time, so you will share the pain together ~ 

I also added something new to OFF COLOR - during the year, not only on Christmas, you are invited to buy some of my favorites via my blog store which you can find right here or on top of this page. Those things will make everyone's heart beat faster! 

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