Samstag, Dezember 2

11:47 AM One thing I was really excited about ,when I planned my NYC trip, was the upcoming testing of all the hyped or sometimes also unknown food that has to be discovered yet. Yes, this time I wanted to focus more on food - ingredients, healthy, or at least a pleasure for the heart.

Of course I also went to Wendys and I couldn't say no to Cheetos, but my shopping spree at Whole Foods, for example, was a special highlight to me!
I went through the all the aisles, touching everything which was good-looking to me and I felt like a kid in candy land.
I have been to Whole Foods before, but now that I was on the hunt for the really good stuff, shopping was really special and beyond exciting to me!
So many times I caught myself thinking "Ohh, that's the protein bar this one girl is always posting." And then I was freaking out from the inside when I saw something that was on my list.

When I found Rebbl, I was finally in heaven.

"Damn, this is cheap as fuck. I should get two?"
No, I decided to only go with one, since everytime I get a social media hyped drink, I totally dislike it at the end. Bad flavor, or weird consistency - you name it.

This time I was wrong.

I decided to go with the Reishi chocolate milk, since you can't really go wrong here, right?

Let's check the ingredients: organic coconut milk, organic coconut sugar, organic cocoa powder, organic vanilla extract, pink salt, reishi mushroom, duh,.. Hell yeah that sounds like a party in my mouth!! While reading these ingredients, you can already taste it, right?
The best thing is that REBBL is suitable for everyone out there: it's dairy free, soy free, and vegan - good for us and our whole system!

In addition to that, I want to say thank you to REBBL for being a company that cares about ethically sourced products! 

The next morning, after I enjoyed my vegan cinnamon roll from By Chloe, I was beyond happy to try my first REBBL .
I shook the bottle and took a deep sip - oh lord. Silky coconut milk with the purest chocolate flavor! Yes, and then you taste a tiny hint of reishi - love it!!

I never thought this would be SO GOOD! 

Damn! REBBL, you guys make such a good job!
Now that I'm back home in Europe, I wish I could go to the store to get some more! Can you please sell your milk over here??

I kept my bottle to recreate the miracle milk, let's see if I will hit the flavor!

Oh man... I'm still dreaming!
Have you tried REBBL yet?

What's your favorite flavor or which one shall I test the next time?

Since it's Christmas time, I bet that many of you will gather and enjoy plenty of hot chocolate! If you want to try something new, try a bottle of REBBL - you will definitely do something good for your body and your well-being ~ 

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