Dienstag, Dezember 5

5:34 PM 5 days now passed since my throat started killing me. It finally hit me, I'm sick.
I actually live quiet healthy and with my daily lemon water and other things I take, I believe that I am pretty tough when it comes to bacteria and sickness. So far everything went well...until now. Being surrounded by only sick people, there was no escape for me and I pay the sweet price now. The last two days, I felt awful. I can't believe that I am in this situation...but hey, it's human and I am human.
Instead of being frustrated (I was there already), I decided to be strong and take this opportunity as a reboost. It's my birthday week - super weird timing, right? But maybe it's a sign.
Before my new year starts, my body says good-bye to all the bad stuff and with all the ginger and good shit I am taking lately,  I believe that this new year will have the best start so far.
Don't ask me how many liters of tea and soup I have consumed...but guess what - I feel beyond good.

My highlight and such a positive experience on my cold trip has been my tea tree oil party. I remembered that this little buddy does not only help when I need to recover from running, but it is also good for breathing and fresh air for my system.

My tip when you are sick, especially during cold and flu season: take out a diffuser and put tea tree oil above the candle section of your diffuser. Light the candle and wait a couple of minutes...the smell of tea tree oil will soon fill up your whole room and your system has finally the chance to breathe in and let all the bacteria out.
Put this aside your bed and take a nap - this is beyond awesome!

Since this experience was super soothing, I wanted to share the benefits of tea tree oil with you today! Maybe you suffer like me right worries, we are in this together!

1. Tea tree oil is the perfect refreshing tool to help against sunburns. 
2. If you are not into chemicals, tea tree oil helps healing skin infections naturally. 
3. Same goes to acne treatment. 
4. If you mix some drops of oil with water, it is the perfect cleaner for your household.
5. During summer, when insects love to bite, take tea tree oil as a natural soother. 
6. Added to an humidifier, tea tree oil helps creating a better breathing atmosphere (good for asthma).
7. Some people love to add it to their shampoo, laundry, or as a natural deodorant. Tea tree oil is the perfect refresher for anything hygienic. 

The best thing about tea tree oil is that it's super affordable. It's cheap and no matter what you do - you can always use it and you will smile from its benefits. 
Awesome, right?

I don't know about your experience with it, but during my sickness and especially when it comes to aches after running - tea tree oil has helped me a lot so far! I am super happy! More please ~ 

Happy healing to you ~

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