Samstag, Februar 10

7:11 PM Do you smell the love in the air? Valentine's Day is approaching and to be honest....I really don't care! I feel loved every day, but I know there are people out there who feel different. No matter if you love or hate Valentine's Day, I want to share something this week which you can use for this romantic day, orrrr you just ignore this day and celebrate this recipe every day, because my love for this food here is never going anywhere. 

Let's talk facts. I love bacon. Yes, I take Valentine's Day to declare my love for bacon - duh, I acutally don't have to, because EVERYONE loves bacon. Bacon is the shit! 
What would a cheeseburger be without you?
A french croissant without bacon? Oh boy. 
Bacon is life. 

Now let's be mean. Bacon is not the healthiest. Our body is not a friend of bacon parties 24/7 - we really need to limit ourselves here (blood pressure, cancer studies...there's a lot to read about). 
My bacon consume is pretty normal, but I have to admit that I crave it  A LOT. 

When I'm in the mood for bacon and I got it at home, I feel always too lazy to heat up the pan and wait until my bacon is crunchy and delicious...
One time, I was in the mood for it and there was no way to get some - that's when my bacon experiment started. I googled for bacon alternatives and I was surprised how many people love these....I mean there are tons of recipes!! How? Why? What? 

I mean...why? sure, there are vegetarians who migth be missing bacon - I feel you...
As a meat lover, I was still intrigued to learn more about "the other bacon" out there. Vegetarians or healthy eating people like to eat fake bacon made out of anything. Okay...okay. 

Hold on, am I missing out here on something? 
I knew it was about time to test it. I tested eggplant bacon, rice paper bacon, and then I switched to coconut bacon. Wooow - this is the bomb! I did this recipe three more times and I was so happy with the result that I want to share this experience with you! 

Let's learn how to make fake bacon today...why not? (It's also cheaper...). * I mixed all of the recipes I found online together into this. 


YOU NEED 160g coconut flakes + 1 tablespoon avocado oil + 2 tablespoons soy sauce + 1 teaspoon smoked paprika + 1 tablespoon maple syrup + a pinch of salt + 1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1. In a bowl mix together the coconut oil with the soy sauce and paprika. Add salt, pepper, and maple syrup and whisk the glaze until everything is blended well. 
2. Take your coconut flakes (I used Maui & Sons) and coat them with all the liquid! Blend it with a spoon or put a lid on your bowl and shake it until all the coconut flakes are coated with the mix. 
3. Preheat your oven to 160°C and take out a baking sheet for your coconut bacon. 
4. On a parchment paper, spread coconut bacon in a flat layer and if you like an extra spicy or flavorful taste, sprinkle more smoked paprika on top.
5. Bake the bacon for 6 minutes - please stand close to your oven, it can burn super fast!! If the bacon isn't done after 6 minutes, wait until it's golden brown...
6. Add the bacon to anything you like: soups, tacos, sandwhiches, stews, veggies - the world is yours! 

I have to admit: coconut bacon is not bacon. There is no thing that can recreate or imitate bacon...I'm sorry. But when I look at it from a healthy perspective, I like creating new dishes, eating stuff that I don't eat on a daily basis. Snacking is my hobby and this treat is definitely something I can imagine snacking a lot in the future. Mixed with some edamame or just simple and plain, coconut bacon is perfect for your salty and sweet cravings! (I still taste the coconut, I don't know how you feel...)

Share your experiences with fake bacon and concquer your valentine's heart with this recipe! 

Happy love week! Love yourself and love your food ~ 
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