Dienstag, Februar 13

3:05 PM My last Tuesday Talk has been a while - it was about time to talk things again. Writing is something I really love, so I take this chapter here to speak from my heart and maybe inspire you with a little motivation or ideas.

Each year, I seem to have the same battle that so many people share: the winter blues. To be honest, I can't really tell you what it is and where it comes from... like all of a sudden, everyone is depressed and grumpy. Winter is the toughest challenge for so many people out there...
I am one of these people - you could be one, too? 

As soon as winter starts, I am beyond happy - birthday time, christmas, all the good candy and food. But as soon as the new year starts and January surprises us with the real coldness, snow storms, and chaos, I feel like I'm getting lost. 
After a little while, I am getting frustrated of layering my outfits - I don't want to feel like a puff pastry, but duuhhh, I'm freezing like hell. I am annoyed of the darkness...when I come home from work, it's dark, I can't go running anymore and all I want to do is hide in my bed and drink tons of hot tea. 

We all reach a point where we long for warmer days, more light, and good vibes, just because. 
That's why my sister and I decided to break the rules and escape from our cold winter - we booked our first trip to South Africa. Yes, yes, yes, finally escaping the cold and heading to a country which enjoys the warmest summer days! 

In my mind, this was a really sexy idea, but I couldn't really imagine how it is to jump back and forth from cold to heat. Will my body struggle? Is this maybe too much for me? What happens when I return to winter land? 

Now before our flight started, I checked the weather app - how hot it will really be when we arrive. It said 23°C and I was pretty satisfied...
In Germany it was about 7°C and we were struggling with rain and storms - no matter what, the weather will be so much better in Africa. I celebrated. 

While I travelled in winter gear to Africa, I felt like an idiot, but soon I was surprised what 23°C really means in African language. In Cape Town there is only hot air...and plenty of sun, hot sun. 23°C is like 36°C - a super hot summer day where the shadows are not helping you much to escape the heat. Do you know this feeling? 

I sat in the cab, in my winter coat, while the driver was dressed as if he's going to the beach....my back was fully wet, sweating and overwhelmed. My whole body was overwhelmed, but deep inside I was still cheering and celebrating. I am in Africa - no winter, no sadness. 

In my hotel room, I unpacked my suitcase - only shorts, dresses and things which scream summer. I took a walk around the block to get to know the area where I was staying while I felt the asphalt burning beneath me. I can't believe that I was walking down this street. Finally, after planning this trip for so long. I am really in Africa. I was feeling bad for everyone else spending cold days stuck in snow or other weather chaos (I am semi-honest here, haha).

The same day, when the sun was heading to dream land, I stood in front of my window, dressed in shorts and a sports bra only (it was too hot), I watched the sun going down and the sky changing its colors. I forgot how pretty a sunrise was and I realized how much I missed seeing so much light. The sky was clear and I felt so happy to experience this moment. 
I was so happy to see my first South African sunrise that I actually just wanted to cry. Sun and light is so wonderful and important. I had no chance to be grumy or depressed - my body screamed for dancing all my happy feelings out and just enjoy the moment! 
Thank you Mother Nature for this so special moment. 

The next 11 days, I soaked summer in as much as I could. Eating all the fruits, wearing all the short things, getting a super nice sunburn, eating ice cream, and enjoy a refreshing iced coffee - yes, I was living. My soul was happy and my heart was smiling beyond. 

My first two days back at home, I realized how much this trip was. 
The first day actually, I was happy to be back home in winter land. I got used to summer and I felt wrong enjoying this so much while I should actually suffer during the cold months...
Then, when I spent time outside, I got grumpy again...it's freaking cold and I still have a sunburn. At work, my co-workers said I look like I used self-tanning lotion, because my tan is intense ~ (jealousy...haha), but I felt wrong back home. 
Wow, my mood is really back to normal winter-ish feelings. From good vibes to low-low vibes....
No more fruits and ice cream - I just want a hot coffee or tea and I need my gloves now - icey winter is finally here. Nawww....

After one week at home, where I already got back into my work rhythm and my mood was doing whatever it wanted, I realized that it's up to me to feel good or bad. 
Fact is, I just experienced the craziest trip of my life. I escaped winter to have two weeks of good vibes. I learned a lot about my body and also myself...

I read some things that I wrote down in Cape Town and I talked about my experience with my sister who knows what I'm talking about since she was with me. We both agreed that it was the best decision we could make. 
Escaping winter or a season you don't like is so nice. I understand now why German old people go to Thailand during winter to enjoy a warm christmas or new year...it nourishes your whole body. 

I didn't only come back with a sexy tan, but I also nourished my soul, my brain, and my heart. I let my skin breathe, I moved my body in the heat, I enjoyed the warmest sun rays, and I smiled beyond. There was not one second where I got mad or felt depressed. I was happy about anything and no one could kill my mood. I still remember this feeling and I am happy I can recall those moments whenever I feel low now. 
Today is the first day where the sun is shining again - this day reminds me so much of my time in Africa and I am smiling again. 

January, you are weird. I love you and I hate you at the same time. I think in the future I will continue escaping for a little bit, but I am also ready to kick in your butt and show you that you don't win with your greyness and negative vibes. 

Meditating the last days has brought me back to a better mindset. Yes, I am back in the cold, but I can close my eyes and think about Cape Town. I will never forget this trip. 

How about you? Have you ever escaped a season? Or do you survive in your cold city during winter? 
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